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For All

New Yorkers

A street scene in New York City

No matter our gender, age, disability status, or cultural background, we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

That means we all have the right to control and make decisions about our own bodies, lives, and futures—including the right to abortion.

But right now, New York’s State Constitution doesn’t protect all of us—including pregnant New Yorkers, women, LGBTQ people, those with disabilities, older adults, and people from different countries and cultures.

Without a constitutional amendment, politicians could roll back our fundamental rights anytime. We just saw it happen with Roe.

We need a constitutional amendment so our rights and freedoms are permanently protected in the State constitution—no matter who is in office.

The power is in our hands. By voting "yes" on this amendment, we are protecting and preserving equal rights and freedoms for all New Yorkers.